Change of Address Cards

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After living in our new home for over two months, I finally mailed our change of address cards. I always print them myself, and generally I begin working on these as soon as I know what our new address will be. Then I mail them before we actually move. Apparently this is not normal because I have been ridiculed about it on a few occasions. Getting change of address cards out really early may not seem like a big deal, but when you move as often as I do, most moving tasks seem a little more urgent. For instance, we are usually completely out of boxes within a few days of arriving in our new home. When you are only going to be in a house for a couple of years, it’s best to get settled as soon as possible. Additionally, I’ve already begun to get requests for our new address, which gets old after about the 50th request. Maybe next time I’ll quit being so cheap and just order the cards rather than making them. Then I might have a chance of getting them out early.

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  1. Migratory Mama's Mama says:

    I love the change of address cards. The fact they come early is an indication of how much you value friendships. You achieve the fine art of staying connected better than anyone I know. More people are blessed by this than you know! Don’t let the miscreants mockers dissuade you from a practice that is such a shining part of your delightful personality.

  2. Kara says:

    I’m glad to get your cards too. I almost mistook this one as junk mail though. Glad I caught it. It was very business looking.

  3. Barb Crouse says:

    Your cards—whether for change of address, Christmas, or something else—are always creative. If you ordered cards instead of making them they wouldn’t be nearly as interesting! :-)

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