Playground Stalking

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In addition to giving your children something to do, visits to local playgrounds are another opportunity to meet new people. This is probably common sense to you if you have moved enough times. However, if you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you give it a try. If you haven’t seen any playgrounds as you’ve driven around your new area, Google is your friend. (Keep in mind that Google is always your friend when you move to a new area.) Look up the website for your new city and go to the Parks and Recreation section. The website should have a complete listing of all parks and playgrounds in the area. This is assuming that your new city has a website, and you aren’t living out in the sticks. Once you find a suitable park and get there, let your kids start playing while you stalk…I mean, scope out other moms to talk to. If you start talking to a mom and feel like you hit it off, exchange email or phone numbers. I try to keep business cards with my basic info (name, phone number, and email…but not address) in my purse and stroller. I recently met a really cool mom with kids around the same age as mine at the park down the street from us this way.

P.S. Please note, finding a “suitable park” is important. The park closest to our last home (but not too close) was a favorite evening recreation site for drug users. While it was fine during daylight hours, it was hard to find a way to explain to the kids, “We can’t use this slide today; there are too many needles in the landing zone.” If there aren’t a bunch of kids already playing when you get there, you may want to do a cursory check of the equipment before you let the kiddos loose.

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  1. chalin says:

    You should check out the Clemjontri playground.

    It’s not exactly next door but a great spot for a picnic or morning outing. It’s completely cushioned with that recycled tire stuff + has a carousel and water features.

  2. abbie says:

    Clemyjontri park is a good one, but go EARLY. It gets busy really fast, and although there is alternative parking, that is a serious stroller ride away. Also, there are public bathrooms and a carousel, I don’t remember how much they charge. And finally, they don’t have a shaded areas. But, this is certainly a favorite for my kids, it is so huge, colorful, and well maintained. Good luck! Abbie

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