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I recently completed my fifth move in the past eight years. By move I don’t just mean relocate to a different residence in the same general geographic area. I am referring to packing all of my earthly possessions into boxes, loading them onto a truck, and driving hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of miles to a new home in a new state.  Okay. I have to confess. I don’t actually have to do this packing and loading myself. My husband is in the military, so everything is packed and loaded (and sometimes broken and lost) for me. I have to say, though, that this does not make the whole process of moving any less stressful.

In preparation for this most recent move, I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal concierge for this new location?” It would be great to have someone to show me where to find the nearest Target, or get my hair done, or meet other people. Every time I move, I have to find the resources offered in my new location. Making these discoveries along the way can be fun, but sometimes the process can be frustrating. (Note the reference to finding a hair salon…after a few bad hair incidents, I have to say that is possibly the trickiest part of moving.)That being said, at this point, I have figured out a few means of coping along the way. My plan is to write about some of these strategies in hopes that others might find them helpful, or at least mildly entertaining.

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  1. Barb Crouse says:

    Yep. Just when I thought you were settled in one state I found out you were in a new one. You’re a hard one to keep track of! :-)

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