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What is going on? Wait…I remember what this experience is…I’m awake and having coherent, uninterrupted thoughts. I AM ALONE…and loving every minute of it. (Well, alone except for the electrician in my kitchen, but he’s not talking to me or at me or asking for anything.) I cannot remember the last time I was alone for longer than it takes me to take a quick shower before I go to bed. If you have small children, you know that even trips to the bathroom are usually accompanied. My youngest still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, so even my sleeping hours are up for grabs. Writing a blog entry without having to stop to feed someone, find something, or take someone potty is a new experience for me. You may be wondering how I managed to acquire this moment of peace.

It all started when we moved to a new city in a new state and decided to buy a house. We knew when we bought our house that we were going to have the counters and flooring in the kitchen replaced. Then we decided that, realistically, moving and buying a home were not stressful enough…let’s renovate the whole kitchen! Okay, so the decision process didn’t go quite that way. We, or mostly me, felt that it would look kind of cheap to replace the counters and the floor, but not the circa 1969, original-to-the-house, poorly arranged cabinets. It pretty much snowballed from there. Currently, we are without a kitchen. (I do have my toaster oven plugged in the laundry room, though, so we can eat a few meals I prepared ahead of time at home…if only I had a microwave and a hot plate, I’d be set.) We did not think that things would move along quite so quickly, otherwise we would have planned better and not had out-of-town guests during the renovations.  So the reason I’m alone for the moment is that I “sacrificially” volunteered to stay home with the electrician while everyone else went out to eat lunch. “No, no. You guys go on ahead. I’ll be fine. I’ll find something…but maybe you could bring me back some cake?” I am such the martyr.

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  1. abbie says:

    Wow, so different from when we visited! I hope everything is going well, and smoothly! Give a call if you need anything. I just love your blog banner!

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