A Postscript about Dogs

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I was thinking through my previous blog on the benefits of dog ownership, and I thought it might seem unfair to imply that you have to have a dog in order to meet people in your neighborhood. Certainly you can take walks in your neighborhood without the benefit of a dog. You will probably even meet some neighbors this way (although, most likely those out walking their dogs). However, I would like to point out a couple of things. First, dogs provide the benefit of instant conversation starters. Without one, you will probably only get a passing “hello.” Second, and probably most important, dogs help remove suspicion. Let me explain. Consider this scenario: You decide to take an evening stroll at dusk. You pause in front of your neighbors’ house (and may or may not look into their brightly-lit windows).  In this scenario, pause with dog = responsible pet owner; pause without dog = creepy new neighbor. Just a little something for you to think about.

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  2. Sarah Anne says:

    You’re like the creepy men who use babies to pick up women. But I completely agree with you. I mean, what if your dog conveniently needs to poop in front of the neighbors house, and you just happen to notice the tacky wallpaper they have in their living room? I mean, that would be much less creepy than if you decided to poop in their front yard. Right?

  3. much less creepy…and much less GROSS!

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