Thankful for…Laughter

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The day started off well enough. The bright, California sun was shining. The girls woke up excited. Today was both Crazy Hair Day AND Muffins with Mom Morning at school. The four of us enjoyed a quick but pleasant breakfast in the school cafeteria. After dropping the older girls at their classrooms, I had a few conversations with other moms before heading home to walk the dog. As the morning progressed, the wind began to pick up a bit. By the time the baby and I completed some errands, the wind was downright hostile. Shortly after returning home from school with the older girls, the sun disappeared behind what the local folks refer to as “the marine layer,” but what the rest of us call clouds. Sadly, my energy disappeared with it. The afternoon dragged until my husband called to say he was on his way home.

Regardless of how each individual day goes, most end up the same. It all starts with one short phrase: Daddy’s Home! The giggles of excitement over Daddy’s return are just the beginning. As the evening continues, the giggles turn to laughter. Our family often spends a good portion of our dinnertime laughing. I’m not sure when this began happening, but it is my favorite part of the day. Reminiscent of times spent with my own siblings, the struggles of the day are put away, even if just momentarily, and replaced by the joyous sound of laughter as we share the happenings of our day and appreciate each other’s quirks. Knowing that the liveliness of just being together still occurs with my brothers, sister, and now sisters-in-law, I am confident that this practice will stand the test of time with my own girls. Today I am thankful for laughter.

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