Thankful for…Hot Glue

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I have been failing to meet my goal of blogging every single day during the month of November, so today I am going to give myself a little break while still accomplishing my goal. Truthfully, I had a very productive day around the house. I managed to get most of the house clean. This is an impressive feat if you consider that I accomplished this with my free-ranging toddler who gets into EVERYTHING and is a bit of a daredevil.

In keeping with the theme of thankfulness, today I am thankful for my hot glue gun. I did not own one of these miracle gadgets until after I started teaching. I never knew such a simple appliance could accomplish such great things. Did you know that you can attach things to painted drywall with hot glue and then remove it without damaging the wall?? Amazing. Well, today I completed a project that was long overdue. My first-born child was, I believe, part beaver. She gnawed through the rail on her crib like no one’s business. This experiment in teething was not only unsightly, but, frankly, made me nervous about babies ingesting paint chips. After the damage was done, I had the brilliant idea to wrap the rails with ribbon. I replaced the ribbon for my second-born, and removed it when the crib went in the attic. However, since moving, I had yet to wrap the rails for my third-born. Well, that is until today. It’s impressive what ribbon and a little hot glue can do. (Note: The BEFORE photograph only shows some of the minor damage…I had already wrapped the worst of it before I thought to take a picture.)

POSTSCRIPT: Be sure to test a small, inconspicuous area of your drywall before you start hot gluing things to the wall! I’m sure certain paints hold up better than others. Also, I have only tried this method of affixing things to my wall with smaller, light-weight items.






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