Thankful for…My Bundle of Joy

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My third pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions…more than the usual hormone-induced kind. I wanted three or four children. My husband wanted one. We compromised with two. When we found out a month after his return from a deployment that I was pregnant for the third time, it was an adjustment, to say the least. (But, let’s be honest, I was ecstatic!) One month after we learned we would be adding a fifth member to our family, we received some pretty devastating news. We were told my husband would be leaving again in less than six months to work in South Korea for the year. Bringing the whole family was not an option. While we should have been excitedly planning for the arrival of our next baby, we were scrambling to rent out our home and arrange for our things to go in three different directions. I still cry when I read my journal entries from these months.

When I was about thirty-five weeks pregnant, my in-laws helped my girls and me move from the D.C. area to my parents’ home in Louisiana. Four short weeks later, my third bundle of joy arrived. The term “bundle of joy” might have been coined in anticipation of my third daughter. She arrived on the scene a whopping nine and a half pounds with dark, dark hair that stuck straight up, and she came home from the hospital smiling. She is only fifteen-months-old, but she already has an amazing personality. People at the grocery store and around the base we live on know her because she is so friendly. She is like a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. I have had strangers tell me that she has made their day. She is a constant reminder to me to smile more often. Sometimes a smile is all someone needs to keep going on a hard day. My hope is that she will always shine so brightly. I cannot imagine her any other way. Today I am thankful that God chose to bless me with this bright, bundle of sunshine during a very dark time in my life. Today I am thankful for my third daughter.

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