Thankful for…My Middle Daughter

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Middle children often get a bad rap. I am not complaining. I was the youngest in my family, at least for my first thirteen years of life. There is plenty of research regarding personality traits as they relate to birth order. However, as a mother, I do not think of my children’s personalities based on where they fall in line. When I compare their personalities, it is not in terms of better or worse. I simply delight in observing how God has uniquely created each of them.

Today I am thankful for my middle daughter. In the words of her Kindergarten teacher, “she is delightful.” Her laughter is contagious, which keeps things lively because she laughs frequently. She enjoys making people laugh. Sometimes she is intentional in her humor, but most often, it is her quirky way of looking at the world that makes others laugh. She is extremely good-natured, so she is never offended when others laugh at her. She simply joins in the merriment. She is only five, and I could write a book (or at least a short story) of funny anecdotes about her. Perhaps some day I will.

In addition to her comedic personality, she is incredibly smart and kind and loyal to a fault. My middle daughter loves books, and I love finding her curled up on the beanbag in her room with a stack of books or reading books to her baby sister in the nursery. She is very artistic, and she has incredibly neat handwriting for a small child. She loves a new adventure, and she adapts confidently and quickly to new environments. This is a great trait for a five-year-old who has just moved to her fifth state to have. She loves to cuddle and asks me every night to sleep with her, which I really need to do more often. I fear the day will come that she will quit asking, but, for now, I am just so thankful that God chose to bless me with a second amazing girl!

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  1. Mom says:

    You need to begin writing down the anecdotes now–the ones you may not publish for years. You will be surprise how many you will forget if you don’t take note of them now.

    What a beautiful tribute to your daughters!

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