Savory Moments

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Today I had one of those moments I wish I could bottle up for future enjoyment. I stood in the kitchen washing dishes while my three girls sat at the table eating lunch together. For some reason, I had pulled the baby’s high chair directly up to the table rather than attaching the tray. The girls were mostly finished eating when the baby started banging her hand on the table. To her sheer delight, her older sisters began to imitate her. I watched the baby look from one sister back to the other over and over, grinning from ear to ear as the three of them banged their hands on the table. The sound, which at other times might have spurred the onset of a migraine, was music to my ears. It was a soft, rhythmic drumming highlighted by happy notes of laughter.

I stood watching them for no more than two minutes before they were finished with their game, but as I watched them, I realized that this was one of the savory moments in life. In this moment, I felt so much joy and delight and love for my children. This is one of the moments I hope to remember during the not-so-pleasant times of sass and crankiness that are commonplace in a house with three girls.

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  1. Sue Morrill says:

    So precious. Love that they were experiencing joy in being together and that you were able to enjoy the moment. Simple pleasures are the best.

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