It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

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I am generally not a big fan of winter. While I find pleasure in the beauty each new season holds, I really do not like to be cold. I was born in Louisiana where a few days of temperatures dropping into the 20s are considered a “big freeze” (usually referenced with the year…”You remember…it happened during the Big Freeze of 1994″). My hands get really dry when it’s cold. They get so dry they crack and bleed, and then I have to sleep with socks on my hands. This makes my hands hot, and then I don’t sleep well. The winter I had my older daughter, we lived in Ohio. The temperatures dropped below zero. I will never forget the way the sub-zero air felt when it hit my lungs. It literally took my breath away. However, several years of living in colder climates has taught me the art of layering and the proper use of scarves, so despite my dislike of the cold, I am now better equipped to handle frosty weather.

That being said, after returning home from dropping my daughter off at school today I glanced out of the window. Little white specks were floating down from the sky. Some of these little flurries seemed to be in a hurry, while others seemed to take their time. There were not enough to accumulate, but I was transfixed by the sight none the less. There is something almost magical about snow. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the warm memories snow evokes in the midst of cold weather, or maybe it is just its pure and simple beauty. Had it been a few degrees warmer, I would have been annoyed that it was not only cold, but now rainy. However, for just a few moments during a busy morning during this busy (and cold) season, I stood watching water in its most enchanting form float down from the sky, and it made me smile.

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  1. Barb Crouse says:

    The older I get, the more I understand why “old people” move to Florida for the winter! Even as I write, my cracked thumb is bleeding onto the computer keyboard! But I definitely agree that there is something peaceful/calming about seeing the first snowflakes falling. Keep smiling. There will no doubt be colder days ahead! :-)

  2. Dan & Judy Altazan says:

    Hi Kathryn. Merry Christmas! Judy and I have you and your husband in our prayers. I was a Marine Sgt. He on has to get to full Bird then he will be considered the same rank. I’m joking congratulations and i am proud of both of you and your daughters. Dan

  3. Lee says:

    I grew up in FL and moved to VT 25+ years ago. My husband and I tried to sell our house countless times so we could move south and warm up, but every time something would happen that prevented our move. (including the deal falling through the day before the closing).
    I’m still here all these years later, he’s gone south and every year I can’t wait for winter and that beautiful white stuff float down from above. To keep warm, I am an ultra layer-er, from head to foot and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

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